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Papa’s Game Online Play Free

What’s it like to own a restaurant? You can create your own menu and decorate the building. If you want, you are able to cook the meals for customers. And nobody can stop you from hiring new workers. Take a role of a famous chef in Papa’s and help him manage the restaurants he has.

Meet the main characters

This exciting game is about the chef and his workers. The main hero is an adorable man with cool mustaches and his favorite white hat. He has a bunch of restaurants and cafes. There he cooks delicious meals and serves many customers. His skills are pretty good. So all citizens come there to eat.

One day he decided that he needs helpers. So he hired a young guy. He is an average guy without any cooking skills. So he started to work as a delivery man. But our chef had other plans for this boy. So when the boss is missing, he needs to serve people himself.

The third personage you can play is a cute girl. In the morning she received strange mail. She read the letter and went to the necessary place. There she discovered the restaurant and other heroes. And from this moment she works with the team.

What’s your task?

Every game begins from different clips. You discover what happened today. For example, once the chef left the entire pizzeria to his workers. He said it was a challenging and interesting adventure. And they needed to run the pizzeria without a boss for a couple of days.

When the clip ends, you begin to play. All events will take place in one of the restaurants or cafes your boss has. They are crowded and full of hungry people. Sometimes you play as the boss himself. Your main task is to serve all the hungry clients. For this purpose, you need to learn how to cook!

Don’t worry, you have special tips that will help you in this process. So you have different rooms. There you can take orders, cook and prepare the meals. And every time the customer rates your dish and gives you tips. So work hard to get the money and make clients happy!

Make burgers, pizza and other delicious dishes

According to the game you pick, you will prepare different meals. In pizzeria customers come for pizza with cheese and pepperoni. Add toppings and bake it the time they want. Cut and serve, that’s it! What else do people love to eat? Hot dogs, burgers and even tacos. Everything that is available for them at Papa’s!

What a summer without fresh juice and ice cream? And how about the sushi? Learn how to use different kitchen appliances and show your cooking skills. Bake, cut, assemble, boil and grill all the ingredients. You just need to receive the finished product for your client

Start by taking the order. Your personage will write down everything your customer wants. Then, go to the first room and cook. Look at the note with the order to add everything they said. Get your rate and tips and go take the second order. Sometimes you need to prepare a couple of meals at the same time. So improve your skills!

Time to help this cook and make his restaurants the best in this area! Choose the meal you want to prepare and begin the walkthrough!